FAQ 2 Albums and Prints

How soon after my wedding do I get my photos or DVD / CDs?
I make every effort to have all your files edited within 2- 3 weeks of your wedding.
So within 3 – 4 weeks all your photos will be posted online and you will receive either your CD of digital proofs or your DVD of camera originals if you chose this option. Please allow up 2 additional weeks to receive your proof book[s] or selected prints after you order them.

How many proofs will I receive?
At least 200 initial prints per 4 hours of photography time if you choose to purchase all prints from all edited files taken. On average I shoot 60 or more pictures per hour. After editing this is reduced by about 10%.
If after discussing your wedding photography with you I feel that I won’t be able to give you at least 200 prints, I’ll recommend you purchase selected prints separately as this would be more economical.

Do my proofs come with a stamp or watermark on them?
No. I use the term ‘proofs’ loosely here. They are actually professionally printed, archival quality  4 x 6 inch prints, and they’re yours to keep. All files are edited before being sent to the lab for printing.

What kind of albums do you offer and how much are they?
I offer two types of albums. Both are beautiful, high quality leather bound books custom made to your specifications.
The first is the traditional style album where each print is mounted onto a thin board with or without a  matte around it. This style is available in 3 sizes. The largest book measures 13 x 12 inches,  the medium 11 x 10 inches and the smallest 6 x 7 inches.  The large and medium books  can allow a larger matted  print per page, multiple smaller prints per page in varying sizes or a print that is the full size of the page without a matte. You can choose one or any combination of page configurations. The smaller book can allow only one print per page with or without a matte.
The second is the contemporary album or ‘coffee table’ book. This differs from the traditional book in that one or more images of any size are printed directly onto each page instead of mounted and matted so it’s not as bulky as the traditional style book. This style also offers more design flexibility than the traditional book and comes in many more sizes from 4x 6 inches through 10 x 15 inches.
Since either style book is custom made, actual cost for your book will not be known until it is ordered.
Prices vary depending on the type of book, size and amount of pages and images.
If you have a set budget for a book, in most cases I can design a book for you to meet it.
On average larger books range from $500.00 through $1,000.00. Parent books start at $250.00.
My advice here is to look over your proofs, then design your album[s].
Album consultation, design and any reprinting are included in the cost of the book.

Do you post pictures on-line?
Yes. Any package you choose no matter how basic will include all edited photos of your wedding posted on-line.
You, your family and your guest will have access to a password protected gallery where your photos  can be viewed. Purchasing prints on-line by you or your guests is optional.

Can I buy the originals from you and make my own prints and albums?
Yes you can. All edited full resolution camera originals can be purchased, allowing you to make your own prints and albums. I’ll set up all the files [edit them] for you so they’re ready to print. [see next ? below]
Please note that Opal Photography still owns the copyright to all of the images and is only assigning the rights to you to reproduce them for your personal use only.

What do mean by edited file?
An edited file is one that is optimized for printing. Editing the file may include one, some or all of the following:  color correction, exposure adjustment, sharpening, cropping and minor retouching and discarding any lemons. I inspect each image that is shot and make the necessary adjustments to give you the best image possible. This is time consuming work, an 8 hour wedding could take from 8 – 12 hours of editing. So please take this into consideration when comparing rates.  You will receive at least 90% of all the images that are taken.

Do you do retouching?
Yes. I’ll do some minor retouching if needed while editing. Should you require additional retouching after viewing you prints or digital proofs, please let me know. There may or may not be additional charges for this. That will depend on the amount of retouching required, type of package ordered or any prior agreement. In most cases the amount of retouching I will do while editing your files will be sufficient.

Please check out my other posts for more information.

Thanks for reading.



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