FAQ 1 Pricing

What kind of packages do you offer?
Personally when I’m looking to purchase something, I stay away from packages. More often than not I’ve had to settle for something in the package I really didn’t need because it was attached to something I did. It’s just my nature to like freedom of choice and I try to treat everyone like I wish to be treated. So I don’t offer a menu of packages and I won’t try to sell you something you may not need.

The only package I’ll sell to you is the one you create for yourself.

So in the spirit of accommodating everyone individually I begin with
a simple and affordable photography or ‘starter’ package costing $500 which includes:

–  4 hours of unlimited photography
–  one CD of ‘digital proofs’ [low resolution files of all edited images]
–  on-line posting of all edited images

along with this or afterwards you can add one or more of the following to create a package that suits your situation, sensibility and budget:

– additional hours of photography @ $125 each
– selected professionally printed 4 x 6 prints
$125 per first 100, additional prints @ $1.25 each
– proof book[s] with professionally printed 4 x 6 prints of all edited files:
Add $50 per hour
– CD’s or DVD of all edited full resolution files [camera originals]
if you wish to make your own prints and albums:
Add $50 per hour
– additional prints and enlargements
– custom made albums [ see my Album & Prints FAQ post for more info]

What do you mean by unlimited  photography?
There is no limit to amount of photos I take and I’ll photograph anyone and anything you wish.

How many pictures do you take?
That really depends on a lot of factors such as how many hours of photo coverage you request, amount of guests attending, number of locations and your wedding program; is it filled with many events or is it a simple and low key affair?
A good conservative average is around 60 pictures per hour, though I exceed this on most occasions. You can double this amount if you require a second photographer.

Do you charge extra for shooting in more than one location?
I charge by the hour, so I’ll shoot wherever you wish within the time frame we agree upon. Please keep in mind though that shooting in more than one location may decrease the amount of pictures being taken as compared to just shooting in one location due to time spent traveling from place to place.

How much time before my wedding will you arrive?
I will arrive at least 45 minutes before you ceremony is scheduled just to check out and familiarize my self with the location. This also allows me time to take photos of family and guests arriving and get set up for your grand entrance.

Can you take pictures at my house of me getting ready?
Yes I can. In most cases this will require at least 2 extra hours of photography time before your ceremony begins. I’ll need to get to the church or venue at least a half an hour before you do.

I only need a photographer for the ceremony and the posed pictures afterwards. Can you do that for me?
Yes. This usual requires 2 – 3 hours of coverage at a slightly higher per hour rate.

I’m pretty sure I’ll need you for 4 hours, but can you stay longer just in case?
Absolutely. We can agree to 4 hours with the option for you to purchase additional hours if needed.

Do you charge for travel?
Yes. For events that require an hour or more travel from New York City there is an additional $50 per hour charge to cover my time, gas and any tolls. Please keep in mind that if you weeding is an hour away from NYC, I give my self at least a half an hour or so extra for traffic etc.. at no charge to you.

Is a contract required?
Yes. A contract spells out each parties obligation to each other. You should always ask
for a contract that specifies everything you will receive and for how much as well as how much additional or optional services cost should you decide to purchase them later.

What kind of deposit is needed and when is the rest due?
I require one third of the agreed upon photography fee to secure your date. The balance plus any additional hours  are due on the day of the wedding after I finish shooting. I never require full payment before the actual wedding date. If your package includes albums and/or additional prints or if you decide to purchase them later, those fees are due before they are ordered and produced.

Are you insured?
Yes. I have enough liability coverage to satisfy any venue in the Tri- State area. Most venues will not allow an uninsured vendor on their premises. Some will even require that the venue itself be named on the vendors certificate of insurance for the duration of your event [another reason why I require a contract].  And one more thing, good comprehensive liability insurance can be pricey, so an insured photographer is most likely a professional full time photographer who does enough weddings during the year to justify the cost of his or her insurance. You should check with your venue to see what insurance requirements they have for any vendors you wish to use.

Please check out my other posts for more information.

Thanks for reading.



718 777 1691


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