To Pose Or Not To Pose

wp0101With photojournalism being the preferred style of wedding photography for many brides these days, some feel they should do without the posed pictures. Some feel that the two styles clash. Or it’s too traditional or even old fashioned. Now my philosophy when it comes to shooting weddings is, whatever you want is OK with me. I won’t twist your arm about this or anything else, but I do strongly suggest that you should reserve some time on your wedding day for some portraits and group photos.

For one, this is a timeless photography style that will still have a universal meaning and appeal well after the current photography trends fade out. Also think about your parents, your more traditional minded relatives and how about later on your children? Maybe they would like to see some posed pictures.

I’ve gotten this compliment a number of times and it goes something like this:

“I’m glad we took your advice and had some posed shots taken. They turned out beautiful”

Keep in mind that this maybe the only time on your wedding day where all of your family and important guests can be gathered together for pictures. Who knows when they’ll all be together again. Just as important, it’s a good time to get some great pictures of you and your husband together as husband and wife for the first time.

If you’re concern is that they’ll be too ‘stiff’ looking, don’t worry, I try not to make these pictures too formal looking, and time allowing, like to try various posing techniques with the groups. I also like to mix in informal portraits as well as candids while I’m shooting portraits.

If you wish to have posed pictures taken, please allow about an hour before or after your ceremony for them when planning your wedding day. Also factor in the additional time to get to your picture taking location from the church or wherever you had your ceremony, and then from there to your reception venue. If the ceremony and reception are at one place and the venue has grounds on site for photos, then an hour or so should be plenty of time to have all the portraits done. To move things along, I suggest that  you designate a point person beforehand to help me assemble the different groups.

Another thing, don’t make the mistake of not allowing enough time for portraits and think that they can just be taken anytime after the reception starts. I know from experience that in most cases that’s not happening. Once your reception starts it’s going to be very difficult to get you, your husband and all the groups together and do any meaningful picture taking. Take a minute here and think about all the things you’ll be doing during your reception.  Also, most banquet halls have a tight schedule they like to follow so things run smoothly and on time, and don’t like to wait around for you while you’re out having your picture taken.

If you don’t wish to have posed pictures taken or your schedule or budget just won’t allow you to have the time for them, don’t worry. I’ll try to get as many informal ‘posed’ pictures of you, your family and your guest as I can as well as candids of everyone at your wedding.

And one final thing, while I’m directing the portrait session you, your family and your guest  will always be treated patiently and courteously.

Thanks for reading.


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